Trish Jackson -  

Please do not contact Trish. She does not wish to be contacted. Thank you!

Jane is an excellent agent. She is hard working and dedicated. She is honest and trustworthy and very knowledgeable about what sells and what doesn't in the publishing industry. She works tirelessly to get her clients' novels published and will not rest until she succeeds. Any author would be lucky to have her as their agent.

Jim Goddard -

I feel very fortunate to have Jane Dowary as my literary agent. She jumps onto a project right away and never accepts defeat and always has insightful ideas about how to improve your manuscript.

Thomas Harrison - 

I was very pleased to be in contact with Julia; a literary agent focussed on building an exciting client list. I was flattered that she agreed to take on my work and visit publishers on my behalf. For a new writer she is very supportive and positive. I recommend you let Julia have a look at your writing and value her response

Gary B. Maier-

I have been represented by Julia for awhile now. I came to her with my first novel The KeyMasters, The Tyrannosaur Rebellion, after having self-published it with Strategic Books and Rights. I am now working on my second novel, a sequel and have every confidence that Julia will get it published by one of the traditional major publishers.