I always fully commit myself to any project that I agree to represent. I devote all the time and effort and work necessary to see that the novel gets published. I want to help my clients get published and achieve the success they want. I'm open, honesty, loyal, and committed to each client I agree to represent and their work. And I think that each client should be just as committed to helping me get their novel published and achieving their success as I am to them. I expect openness and honesty and loyalty from each of my clients in return for what I give them. I think its wrong for a client to have more then one literary agent from different agencies working on the same novel. It's bad for the literary agent's reputation, it's bad for the author's reputation, and it takes credit away from the work. This comes from personal experience.

If I agree to represent you and your work, you can be sure that I will do whatever I can to get your novel published and will not stop until I get your novel published.That is my job as a literary agent after all. So its wrong for a client to hire someone else to represent their work while at the same time still wanting you to represent their work as well. I always thought publishing was an industry of passion and love for the written word and for the love of story telling and sharing those stories with the readers of the world. Not about competition to see which agent will get your novel published the fastest or get the most offers for publishing.